The lawyers of Asia Law Corporation have an excellent track record of maintaining their clients' trust and confidence. When their clients entrust their personal legal matters and corporate affairs to their care, they give prompt and effective legal advice to protect our clients’ interest.
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  • SEAsia Claims Services

    SEAsia Claims Services

    transport,claims service,legal

    Providing top quality, round-the-clock claims services to P & I and transport liability insurers and their insureds. Protect our client by maximizing control and minimizing exposure to damage and lost time.
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  • Cynergy


    service centre,accounting,taxation,corporate secretarial service

    CYNERGY SERVICES PTE LTD is a one-stop professional services centre, providing quality and cost-effective accounting, taxation and corporate secretarial services.
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  • Axstech Asia

    Axstech Asia

    asset management,asset protection,long term,asset maintenance

    At Axstech Asia Sdn Bhd, we understand the essence of appearance and asset management, be it interior or exterior. The company aims to provide cost effective solutions for long-term asset protection in various industries, namely New Construction & Development, Marine, Aviation, Land-based Transportation, Oil & Gas Materials, Residential & Commercial Properties.
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  • Commercial Investigations LLP

    Commercial Investigations LLP

    private investigator,evidence gathering,investigate

    The most important prerequisite for a Private Investigation Agency is to have full-time/well-trained investigators approved by the Singapore Police Force (PLRD), who have a passion for investigative work. Good support from administrative staff is equally vital to ensure proper documentation and filing of investigation reports to protect Client’s confidentiality, particularly, in the event the case has to be presented in the Court of Law. Adequately trained Technical support staff is also indispensable as technical expertise is necessary in evidence gathering.
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